Mum’s Holiday in Italy(5)

I’ve got an another plan to meet up with Giorgia in Vicenza. Vicenza is Giorgia’s hometown which is a city  in north-eastern Italy and is not far from east of Milan. So I could arrange the schedule to catch her during a brief visit to Italy with mum.

How pleasant I could meet Giorgia again in her hometown, not in Glasgow. We were so glad that we embraced each other as soon as we met at the train station. Giorgia took us to the hotel and mum and I’d checked in the hotel first then went out for looking around Vicenza. Giorgia took us several famous places in the city and one of the places ‘Teatro Olimpico’ has beautiful garden and theatre. Even we didn’t look around the inside of the theatre, many beautiful statues and the architecture of Andrea Palladio was super amazing things to see.

Near city centre in Vicenza, there was a beautiful small park ‘Giardini Salvi’. There were lots of wonderful statues as well and those are well combined with the green grass and nice architectures in the park. I really like to walk around the park, and was pleasant to take an afternoon break time in there:)

After that, mum and I got around the city centre during the rest of the day. The city of vicenza was absolutely beautiful and it was like a scene from a film. Mum also very impressed by the relaxed and pretty ambience of the city and she kept saying every building and street is a beautifully cinematic style. She looked very happy and I was happy as well to watch HAPPY mummy;)

The next place for an afternoon break was a Bar Italia. Mum wanted to have a beer and I chose a Gin and Tonic which is one of my favourite drinks;) BUT, wow.. I’ve never seen that the bar served so much gin in a big glass. I had no idea how many litres of gin did they pour in a glass though, it looked quite a lot@.@ Anyway, really enjoyed the relaxation of a drink and chatted with mum.

-The next day-

The following day, the last day in Italy, Giorgia took my mum and me to the Monte Berico. We can see the panorama of the city of Vicenza from Piazzale della Vittoria in Monte Berico. The sky was so clear that we could see an extensive prospect of the distance mountain.

I was so sad that it was the last day in Vicenza and had to say goodbye to Giorgia. She allowed me and mum to have such a brilliant experience in Vicenza even it was only one day, but will never forget the every memories and the time we shared. We were looking forward to seeing each other anywhere in Europe before I return to Korea. I would like to express my appreciation to my GREAT friend, Giorgia. Grazie!:D

to be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of the photos 🐻
15 October 2012



  1. No need to thank, really, it was my pleasure to show you my city even though it’s so small :P I hope to see you soon <3
    Love you :D

    1. Loved your town, Vicenza. Would like to visit another part of Italy in the future, definitely! I really miss you and look forward to seeing you soon! Love as always:) xxx

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