A fabulous holiday in France(2)- Paris

The next place where we’ve decided to go was Montmartre. Benoît showed quite surprising response that I’ve never been there before even I’ve been Paris several times. Well, dare I say the reason, I’ve heard that surrounding area of Montmartre has poor public safety, I wondered if it’s true though. Now I know it seems that the way sometimes cause it’s near to Pigalle where famous for being a tourist district, with many sex shops on Place Pigalle and the main boulevards and prostitutes operating in the side streets, but actually, Montmartre is beautiful place where we can see the whole view of the Paris.

The road to our destination, Montmartre was quite rough as there are too many stairs. But when I’ve got there, an unimaginable view jumped out at me! The sky was so clear that I could overlook the whole city of Paris. Montmartre is primarily known for the white-domed ‘Basilica of the Sacré Cœur’ which is a Roman Catholic church. Its the highest point in the city and just below it, artists still set up their easels and I could see the singer who plays guitar on the stairs as well.

After that, Benoît introduced me a very special tea room where located at the Mosquee de Paris. This interesting tea room was like stepping in to Morocco and the outside of the cafe was so beautiful and peaceful. It was the first experience to visit to the Mosquee for me and I really didn’t feel like I’m in the centre of Paris. I was just imbued with a nice unique atmosphere:) Benoît and I were drinking the Mosque traditional mint tea and this sweet tea was very refreshing and made me feel as if I should relax my mind from a long walk all day long. Anyway, it was one of the most interesting and relaxing one in Paris and I will never forget this unique experience!

And near to the Mosque, there is ‘The Jardin des Plantes’ which is the main botanical garden in France. I do like to visit botanical garden and was a nice breaking time again followed the Mosque one. Before heading off to the Philippe’s house for the dinner, we took a break for a while enjoying the full of autumn colours and beautiful atmosphere.

NOW! it’s time to enjoy a traditional dinner with the French cooking in a local home – Philippe & Catherine’s. (Benoît uncle & auntie)

Benoît uncle and auntie have already prepared dinner for us when we got home and we started evening party with a special Aperitif Wine. The one of two bottles of wine was homemade one from south of France where Catherine’s hometown and this wine made by her father with their special grapes, they said. Had a glass of aperitif with some crisps and Foie gras, which is one of my favourite things;)
Followed a soup and a Bacon & Cheese flan for an entrée(starter). Then served a big plate of Chicken & Potatoes & mixed vegetables with homemade mayo and mustard for a main dish.
There are more than 400 types of cheese in France, so it should not come as a surprise that cheese, in itself, can be a course in a French dinner. Without exception, a cheese board was prepared by Philippe, consisting of cheese of varying flavours. It was accompanied by baguette and along with more wine, of course.

Then finally, the Catherine’s dessert was served, made of fresh cream, cheese, sugar with a hot caramel sauce on the top. 

I really felt bloated after the HUGE meal they’d served and just got stuffed into the French food@.@ But really enjoyed it myself as I DO love French cuisine and would like to extend my thanks to Philippe, Catherine and Benoît. Merci beaucoup!!!

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of the photos 🐻
2 November 2012


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