A fabulous holiday in France(3) – Paris

On the last day in Paris, had breakfast with a big massive piece of ‘Paris-Brest Cake’ which is made of choux pastry, pastry cream mixed with a praline whipped buttercream. Philippe gave me the cream cake, saying French people eat sweet pastries mostly for breakfast. I like to have sweet things for breakfast or whenever, but having cream cake for breakfast was very rare for me to be honest.

It was my breakfast, haha. But I quite liked that as it is no wonder nor uncommon;)
Anyway, Benoît and I had filled us up with a heavy breakfast then headed to ‘The Palace of Versailles’ where is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. It was the first time to visit there for me even here is a very popular place for tourists, because it’s quite hard to get there without car. Thankfully, Philippe allowed us to take his car then we could get to the Versailles easily.

The weather was a bit foggy and wet though, it wouldn’t be a problem to see the inside of the château. Benoît explained to me about the history and origin of Versailles briefly, and it has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for 30 years, he said.
When I got into the Palace, I was fascinated by the regal splendour of the palace and every section of the room was absolutely glorious and gorgeous.

Lunch Time~ Think touring always makes me hungry, haha. No matter how much I have, I always feel empty in my stomach and my appetites are bigger than usual;) Anyway, we were looking for the place to eat in the town near Versailles and found a good place for lunch. I had a tasty Salmon Panini which was quite different style that I usually have eaten while Benoît had a croque-monsieur which is typical of ham and cheese sandwich in France. It was so simple, and very satisfying meal.

Then we headed back into Paris having a terrible traffic jam on the way into the central of Paris. Benoît said, it’s impossible to avoid traffic in Paris even it’s not a rush hour, it just happens all day long. Finally, we had been able to get to the Champ de Mars in Paris where the Eiffel Tower is located, after over an hour than we expected. But the BEAUTIFUL sight had waited us and it was a WONDERFUL welcome after such a exhausting drive. Definitely we could treat ourselves to enjoy a lovely autumn weather as well as lively atmosphere with so many people from all over the world!

Dinner Time~ We chose the place to eat for dinner followed by Philippe’s recommendation. Philippe introduced a traditional restaurant where the atmosphere is warm and homely and I was able to experience a very unique things. We shared table with other customers and the staffs just wrote down the menu on our table which were very unusual two things. I had a ‘BAR fish’ followed Benoît’s recommendation – it was not that brilliant sadly, but I treated myself with the heavenly delicious dessert ‘Poire belle Hélène’ – pears poached in sugar syrup, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and rich cream on the top. It was just PERFECT dessert for EUJIN:)

After that…

Rounded off such a wonderful time in Paris for three days. Then I headed off to Beziers having full of unforgettable memories.

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of the photos 🐻
6 November 2012






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