A fabulous holiday in France(4) – Béziers

On 24th of October, my flight heading to Béziers departed at Paris beauvais airport. The Ryanair has flight leaving Paris and arriving Béziers cap d’agde airport which is quite small one so they handles commercial national flights or private.

Gilles and Régine were waiting for me at the airport when I arrived in Béziers after a quick one-hour flying. We were so happy to meet again after such a long time since I’ve visited them three years ago! What a wonderful reunification with French maman and papa;)

-The following day-

On the following morning, Gilles already has put a Pain au chocolat into the oven and has made a nice cup of coffee for me when I woke up. He always prepares breakfast and makes a nice morning tea 0r coffee for his wife, Régine which is ideal for me as my future husband;) I was no exception to be treated like Régine while I was there. How blessed I was!:)

After having breakfast, I had a pleasant chat with Madam Gasc as I haven’t seen her for ages. She was still going strong at 87 and was really vigorous, the way she always be. Meanwhile, Gilles was barbecuing chicken and pork in the garden which I have missed so much! I was running to him straight away and was assisting him to grill meats happily:)

Now, a special fatting up programme for Eujin has been begun for five days in Béziers! haha;) Who would have imagined to have four courses meal for Lunch and have five courses meal for Dinner everyday! And I couldn’t have imagined I would be able to eat so much all day long. But I COULD, and I DID! ahaha
The barbecued chicken & pork were gorgeous and were so delicious! Followed by lovely French cheeses with baguette(Fromages) as usual, after that the ‘Baklava’ was served as a dessert which is characteristic of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. It was the very first time I’ve tried this type of dessert from Central Asia and was really unique and tasty. How can I be choosy about the desserts?;) Just love them the way they are!

After an enjoyable lunch, Madam Gasc, Gilles, Régine and myself visited their friend’s house located in Narboone where in southern France in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It was an hour’s drive from home, Béziers and the village seemed to be a peaceful community and looked really beautiful with some nice cathedrals.

Marion and her husband(sorry, I forgot his nameT.T) has a lovely garden in the back yard of their house! They showed me various kinds of vegetables, flowers and grapes for making wine. Especially, they’ve got special breed of grapes which comes from Italy, and gave me a chance to taste of them. WOW! I’ve never tasted like that flavours in grapes! It was just amazing!!!@.@

Marion packed a lot of bags with fresh vegetables, grapes, almonds, flowers and olive oil…etc. from their garden for us. They are so generous that they always share anything and everything each other. Being full of generosity between friends is nothing more or less than people elsewhere in all over the world I think. We returned home with the car with boxes full of groceries as well as with the full blessing of their true friendship. :)

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
10 November 2012


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