A fabulous holiday in France(5) – Béziers

The second day in Béziers, it was an interesting and challenging day for me. When I’ve just finished my breakfast, Régine asked me about the menu for lunch as she has got a plan to shop for groceries. And she said, “Eujin, do you like Lapin? Have you tried it before?” “Lapin? What’s that?” At the time, Gilles translated the meaning of ‘Lapin’ in English for me and I just answered straight away, “NO, NEVER”.

Lapin means Rabbit in English..@.@ Oh, well.. I have never had rabbit as I think it is pet, not for food. But they said Rabbit is no different from Chicken or Duck which means there is no reason I can’t eat rabbit as a person who really like poultry. So, finally, I made up my mind to try it for the first time in my life.

The rabbit was ready to eat and it was served with little tiny Basil Ravioli by Gilles. Hmm… Yeah, it looked exactly the same with chicken as they said and had a similar taste and texture to chicken as well. The very first trial to eat rabbit was not that bad, actually I liked it:) Well done, Eujini! haha
And we’ve got a Coulommiers cheese at supermarket especially for me. Coulommiers is one of my favourite French cheeses and it always reminds me of them(Madam Gasc, Gilles and Régine) as the first I knew about this cheese was from them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it in Korea and here in Glasgow as well, so was really glad to had it after three years!lol Then Mint Chocolate ice-cream and a piece of Baklava desserts brought us to the end of another big lunch;)

After lunch, Gilles took me to the ‘APF Château Saint-Pierre’ where he used to work as a senior manager before retiring three years ago. The APF(Association des Paralysés de France) is an organisation manages medical-social services for disabled people based on a charter. This centre(Château Saint-Pierre) located in Montblanc, was established for the people with disabilities as well as children and adolescents with behavioural problems. They provide the facilities for some activities and support service users by assisting in daily life. It’s very similar to my work placement ‘Share Scotland’ and is operating with similar system to us. It was really good experience for me to visited there as a person who is working in the same filed.

After that, Gilles took me to Pézenas where in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France. Gilles wanted to show me some of traditional sweets and biscuits from this area as I wanted to buy some local specialties in southern France for our staffs and friends in Scotland. Gilles said, the wines and speciality foods are numerous in Pézenas, such as “Les Petits Pates” (a sort of warm mince pie) and “Berlingots” (a unique type of boiled sweet) – the photos will be posted.
When Gilles and I looked around the town, there was a Romany wedding ceremony on the street near church. It was the first time to see the wedding of the Romany gypsy which greatly aroused my curiosity. Because it’s just very different culture, not in a bad way.

Before we back to home, Gilles and I dropped by a boulangerie in the town to buy some sweets and French pastries. As I mentioned above, “Les Petits Pates” and “Berlingots” were there without fail, as for the reason that they are fairly represented in Pézenas region. We bought a couple of Les Petits Pates for starter at dinner and I got three bags of Berlingots as gifts for people around me in Scotland:) And Gilles got a Jésuites – French almond cream pastries for me so that I can eat it in the car on the way back home. Oh, bless!:) I absolutely fell in love with this pastry. It had a flaky, puff-pastry crust, almond cream filling, and was dusted with powdered sugar and sliced almonds. This pasty was just perfect to satisfy my sugary desires in the afternoon;)

When Gilles and I got home, we had an afternoon tea time with Régine and two adorable doggies. Régine explained the cities of France to me looking up the map and personally, I do like reading and looking at the world map in my free time. At that time, I just felt like she is really my mum who is teaching the child to study or is telling the child good stories..:) On the other hand, I also missed my family in Korea naturally.

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of the photos 🐻
13 November 2012


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