A fabulous holiday in France(6) – Béziers

On the third day in Béziers, the weather was just like Sottish weather – the sky looked grey and there was a very strong wind blowing. It was a very unusual weather in Béziers as they have plenty of sunshine and sunny days more than 300 days throughout a year, they said. But nevertheless, we went to Sète, where known as the Venice of Languedoc. Gilles and Régine wanted to show me the seaside and a superb panoramic view of the Sète(in the Languedoc-Roussillon region) from Mont St-Clair.

Sète is a port and a seaside resort on the Mediterranean. It’s built upon and around Mont St Clair hill which rises to 175m, overlooking the sea. The view was a just fabulous! I really enjoyed a great panorama of beautiful little town in the Languedoc region against the wind, haha. Although the wind kept blowing hard, it was worth it to stand against the strong one:) But even I was fine though, Régine didn’t seem to be okay as she hasn’t been exposed to that weather often. Think I already got used to the Scottish weather and trained well:p

Before lunch we stopped by in Forêt domaniale de Sète which is kind of forest on Mont St Clair hill. This forest offers numerous footpaths from which we can enjoy spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the Thau Lagoon. There was circle shape of a map which indicates countries and cites around there and indicates distance as well. At that time, Gilles and Régine have started to give me a special lecture on geography of the Southern France, haha. I did enjoy their lesson as I like to study geography and again, they gave me a feeling of mum and dad indeed. In fact, they just called me “daughter” and were very affectionate towards me(like daughter) as they don’t have any children and it helped a young lady who’s living faraway from the family feel less alone.

Lunch Time~ There were loads of seafood restaurants on every street in town with the prestige of a coastal city. As a lover of seafood, I was tempted by all the menus and couldn’t make up my mind at all. So I got a server’s help by asking him to give me some recommendations then finally I was able to order a Seafood Au Gratin Cheese for starter, Grilled Cuttlefish for main and Pistachio & Vanilla ice-cream for dessert. At first, Kir was served which is French cocktail made with blackcurrant liqueur topped up with white wine and is usually drunk as an apéritif before a meal. Then Gilles ordered a bottle of white wine from in this region, Languedoc to give food some more flavour and make it more enjoyable:) Every dishes was gorgeous, especially my starter ‘Seafood Au Gratin Cheese’ was absolutely beautiful! Mmmm~

After that, we looked around the town some more by letting them know the Scottish weather as the weather on that day was exactly the same with here. We could see the four seasons in a day indeed, haha;) Anyway, another great day in Béziers has ended and we got back home looking forward to another great day!

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of the photos 🐻
16 November 2012


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