Eating and drinking and being happy

I haven’t been posting about the daily life in Glasgow for ages as I was busy posting about my holidays. Still I’ve got some photos and stories in France though, I’m in the mood to post photos from such an enjoyable life these days.

3 Nov 2012

Coast is one of my favourites cafes in the UK. Normally, I used to go to Starbucks and really liked their coffee when I was in Korea, but the Costa usurp the place of Starbucks by being here;) Anyway, the Christmas food and drink has arrived in Costa and it really is the season to be jolly! On that day, Carla and I went to the town and had some lunch at Costa before starting the Christmas shopping! I ordered Egg & Mushroom Muffin and Chocolate Yule Log with Cinnamon Latte. This was the first time I have had a ‘Chocolate Yule Log’ which is a traditional French bûche de Noël that a log shaped chocolate cake eaten around the Christmas time. Once I had a bit of it, there is nothing hard to like about its tender, melting chocolatiness. It’s just wintry perfection!

5 Nov 2012

It was a Bonfire Night which is an annual event dedicated to bonfires, fireworks and celebrations. There was a fireworks in Glasgow green as it has been traditionally celebrated in Great Britain. It was quite interesting for me cause we don’t have this celebration day in Korea as well as I do like fireworks!:P Carla and I’ve got a plan to have some dinner at Jamie’s Italian where one of Carla’s favourite restaurants and we treated ourselves before celebrating the day. I had King Prawn linguini, it was really yummy! Carla’s sausage pappardelle was absolutely delicious as well and I really thought at that time, will definitely try another dishes again next time.

Treated myself with Cinnamon Danish Pastry! So sweet, so nice><

I really enjoyed fireworks as it has been a while to see them since I came here in Scotland. Although it was not my culture(Bonfire Night), I fully enjoyed myself and celebrated the day all together having fun. Thankfully, Carla explained this festive occasion in detail and introduced the new culture to me very well. Those will last for a long time in my memory:)

11 Nov 2012

The Costa is coming onto my blog again;) Rosie and I met up last Sunday and we both had a strong craving for coffee soon after we met. We really click each other every time we meet and are always on the same wavelength whenever we do something. Anyway! We chose the Costa cafe for our coffee break then I ordered cappuccino for me and Rosie had a cup of flat white which both are beverages represents Costa. Cocoa powder on the top of my cappuccino was so cute and looked really inviting! We had such a nice cup of coffee and chat catching up on each other’s work, life and the future.. :)

Here’s Jamie again~ When I said that I’ve been to Jamie’s Italian a couple of days ago with Carla and the food was beautiful, Rosie really wanted to try that place newly as well. I didn’t mind at all having dinner at Jamie’s again, so we just headed off there after our enjoyable shopping! We were very hungry at that moment so were tempted to every menu like always;) After thinking long and hard, we were finally able to order the menu – Italian Bread Selection for starter, Wild Rabbit Tagliolini for Rosie’s main and Black Angel Spaghetti for Eujin’s main. All of the ingredients in the Pasta was absolutely amazing(scallops, garlic, capers, anchovies, wine…) and we were really surprised by the perfect combination of sauce and pasta. It was such a nice meal with such a nice companion! It will be remembered as such fond memory again.:D

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
19 November 2012


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