Hannah & Alastair’s Wedding


When it comes to weddings, if it is the most memorable moment in any couple’s life, it would be an unforgettable day to the wedding guests as well, and I’m no exception.
Last Saturday, it was the Hannah & Alastair’s big day which was such a great day for everyone who attended. It was the first time I have been invited to the Scottish wedding which is very unusual for me as I have completely different wedding culture in Korea. In that sense, it was a very special experience that I would never forget, and in another way as well;)

The wedding took place at a ’29 Private Members Club’ in the city centre of Glasgow. After I have finished work, headed off to the town and was able to attend the wedding breakfast. It began with Hannah and Alastair’s dancing to Colin’s sining and guitar playing which was really beautiful and romantic. I was especially impressed by Colin’s excellent performance which was well-suited to the atmosphere of Hannah & Alastair’s wedding dance. It was the first time I actually knew Colin who I have heard about him through Colette and Jenny before. Anyway, I’m sure his nice voice and wonderful guitar playing left a good impression on people as well as me:)

After their lovely performance, the party and dance time was open to every guests. The majority of people I was meeting were strangers though, we could able to gather together by dancing and drinking, so we could celebrate the day and enjoyed ourselves to the full. To be fair, it was quite unfamiliar wedding ceremony for me as our culture in Korea still has fair conservative tradition, but I did like here’s social atmosphere that everyone can be friends with anyone and everybody share the joy and happiness each other by talking, singing, dancing all day long. If  Korean society was too rigid to change the stereotype or custom, but things are changing now and I think we need to harmony between old and new rather than sticking to the tradition. Anyway I digress, haha

I really had a wonderful time with such fantastic people and it was nice to know them definitely. There were many things which made me so pleasant and joyful (drinks, music, dance, chocolate, weasels, heed…:p), and I’m sure all of those will fill my mind with some of the most funny, memorable moments in my life. I would like to say thank you for the invitation to Hannah and Alastair and wish a very happy marriage!
-By the way, I do like the last photo with Colin wearing kilt taken by Colette;) – thanks!X

Eujin’s review of the photos 🐻
27 November 2012



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