The best CHRISTMAS & NYE 12′ ever!!!

This year, the Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day were definitely very different to how I have been greeting those two major holidays throughout a year. Actually, it was not my first Christmas away home as I had been traveled to Strasbourg during the Christmas season about four years ago, but again, it was very different to how I have been felt this massive festive spirits over the past five or six weeks. It was the best celebrating I’ve ever had and I can’t even express just how fantastic everything was!

15 Dec 2012 – Christmas Night out at Work

me and Carla me and Carla me me and Angela me and Mary me, Laura and Mark me, Carla, Laura and Mark Our Lovely Share staffs

It was the beginning of the Christmas party at Celtic Park with our work members – I have to say it was the ‘Begin’, cause I had some parties quite a lot recently, haha ;) Anyway, it was really good night that I could experience the traditional Christmas food and events in Scotland for the first time. To be fair, we don’t have any special Christmas food in Korea, such as Turkey, Mince Pie and Christmas Pudding and according to the events, Christmas cracker was one of the most interesting things for me as I’ve never seen it before. We all happily enjoyed a three-course Christmas dinner, followed by dancing! – I was virtually stuffed of the food(ho ho ho). It was so  good to start a big festive occasions (Christmas & NYE) over the last few weeks!

24, 25 Dec 2012 – It’s Christmas!!!

Luckily, I have got a few days off during the Christmas season. Actually, I have gone through a big homesick around Christmas at the thought of being away family and friends in Korea, although I have been very excited to feel a very special festive spirits in a new place. Moreover, I’d had nothing special planned for the Christmas Eve & Day except for a wee party with some friends late at night on Christmas day. But, unexpectedly, I’d been invited to Colin’s family in Biggar – which was a big honour of an invitation for me and it’d made my first Christmas in Scotland all the difference other than it was supposed to be.

Homemade Mulled Wine Homemade Sherry Trifle Christmas desserts me, Molly & Lucy Lovely Colin's Family

Such a fantastic family gathering it was! Anthony(Colin’s brother-in-law) and I made homemade Mulled wine and Sherry trifle together as Anthony loves to cook which means we are on the same wave length, so we could form a team by calling “chef and sous-chef” each other, haha;) And aside from enjoying the cooking, there were so many amazing things that I’ve never experienced. It’s safe to say it was one of the BEST Christmas days I’ve ever had in my life, honestly. I would like to say thank you very much indeed to all of Colin’s family members for having me there and giving me such a special memories.

25 Dec 2012 – Awesome Christmas Party at Hannah & Al’s

me and Mark me and Colin me, Hannah and Carla Colin christmas celebrating for Mark? Drinking Tequila!!!

What an another fun party! As soon as Colin and I back to Glasgow, we headed off to Hannah’s for the second round for Christmas;) The whole night (till BoxingD) was just fun, hilarious and uproarious time with more crazy drinking, singing, playing and dancing! How could I be expected to have a bloody alcoholic Christmas time just like this, ha! -not in a bad way, of course! Actually, I just think is amazing personally (LOVED it, to be honest), although it took ages to recover from hangover the following day.. Well, never mind. “It’s Christmas!”

31 Dec 2012 – Hogmany Party at Colette & Craig’s

*Hogmany = the Scots words for ‘the last day of the year’

me me, Jenny and Martin

me and Colette me, Jenny and Martin Martin, Jenny, me, Colin and Colette dancing time Sarah, Colette, me, Kirsty and Jenny Happy New Year! Everyone, Happy New Year!

Happy Hogmany and New Year!!!
Yes, ‘Hogmany’ is the celebration of the New Year in Scotland. I had the NYE 12′ celebrating with loads of friends around me and Colin. This big massive party took over Colette & Craig’s flat (thank you for having us by the way, Colette!) which we’ve planned this for a few weeks. Me and everyone spent the very special Hogmany night just having fun, drinking(oh, aye), chatting, singing and dancing! The music chosen by Colin was just fantastic and so good to enjoy and celebrate a very happy New Year’s Day:) I really can’t thank all the people around me, especially my superstar, enough for making some fabulous experiences and a lot of fun and having brilliant memories of the time we spent together.

On that day, the end of the year, I was actually lost in thought during the day, dwelling on what had happened over the past 2012. It has been milestone in my life so far and I’m sure it will become a very important turning point in my future and life chances. I can’t believe that, in just a few short days, I will leave here, and if I am honest, I have no clue what is going to happen for now when I’m back home. But I believe 2013 will bring a lot of great things again and another new ways to improve the quality of my new life, wherever I may happen to be or what I will be doing. My base has been many changes and has seen quite unsettled so far, which means there were two BIG moves and do a lot of travelling. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and there are no regrets about my life style at all! The only problem, it seems, is that it always leads to the results to which ‘the moment of parting’ and ‘a long distance’.. But again, let’s face the reality, I love my life although there are a lot of bloody changes. All I have to do is to just keep going the way it has been, keep enjoying life and well look on the bright side as I always have, to believe in whatever I choose to believe. One of the most important things in my opinion is BELIEVE and TRUST.

Hope you all have a great year ahead, everyone!!! Hooray!!lol 

Eujin’s review of the photos & New Year’s resolution 🐻
9 January 2013


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