Welcome to my blog

Hi, I am Eujin and I am a freelancer working with disabled children(including vulnerable people).

I have an insatiable desire to increase my knowledge, skills, and experiences in the field of my passion – caring for the disabled. I have been involved with education, activities and the rehabilitation for disabled people since I was in high school. I entered university and I majored in Adapted Physical Education.

While I was a university student, I taught swimming to disabled children who had autism, developmental disabilities or paraplegia and other ailments. I also have broad experience in teaching physical activities such as inline-skating, cycling and skipping rope etc.

I can always learn more. I think that the most important thing for anyone in any field is to pursue meaningful experience. I would like to broaden my experience in caring for the disabled. I specifically would like more opportunities to apply my classroom learnings to real world situations.

On a personal note, I consider myself so fortunate to have been able to pursue my interest in this field. I have found something that I truly love, and something that I am good at. How often can people can say that about their professions?

And my other passion is travel, in fact I’m more than happy to cover land, sea and air. Thanks for reading about me.

You can contact me  jeong-eujin@hotmail.com  to talk about you.

  • Work and Education
    University ; Korea National Sport University – Adapted Physical Education
  • Arts and Entertainment
    Musics ; Jazz, Christmas Carol / Daughtry, Paolo Nutini, Ronan Keating
    Movies ; It’s a wonderful life, Julie & Julia, Love Actually
  • Activities and Interest
    Activites ; Traveling, Swimming, Blogging, Cooking
    Interests ; Richard Branson, Riding for the Disabled, Korean Air, Starbucks
  • Philosophy
    Religion ; Catholic
    Favourite quotations
    ; I firmly believe that anything is possible
    ; Chase your dreams but live in the real world
    People who inspire me ; Mummy, Prof. Roh, Richard Branson

Thank You



  1. 우연하게 업무상 인터넷을 보다가 이 블로그를 방문하게 되었는데, 너무나 좋은 일을 하시는것 같아서 응원을 하고자 글을 남깁니다. 정말 세상을 아름답게 만드는 분인것 같습니다. 향후 좋은일만 많이 생기시길 바랍니다. You are awesome !!

    1. 세상을 아름답게 만드는 사람. 제게 과분한 칭찬인 듯 싶지만 정말 기분 좋은 예쁜 말이네요~ 큰 칭찬과 함께 큰 힘 실어주셔 감사합니다. 블로거님께도 늘 좋은 일과 행운이 함께하길 저 또한 바랄께요!:)

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