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The best CHRISTMAS & NYE 12′ ever!!!

This year, the Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day were definitely very different to how I have been greeting those two major holidays throughout a year. Actually, it was not my first Christmas away home as I had been traveled to Strasbourg during the Christmas season about four years ago, but again, it was […]

Hannah & Alastair’s Wedding

24.11.12 When it comes to weddings, if it is the most memorable moment in any couple’s life, it would be an unforgettable day to the wedding guests as well, and I’m no exception. Last Saturday, it was the Hannah & Alastair’s big day which was such a great day for everyone who attended. It was […]

Eating and drinking and being happy

I haven’t been posting about the daily life in Glasgow for ages as I was busy posting about my holidays. Still I’ve got some photos and stories in France though, I’m in the mood to post photos from such an enjoyable life these days. 3 Nov 2012 Coast is one of my favourites cafes in […]

A fabulous holiday in France(6) – Béziers

On the third day in Béziers, the weather was just like Sottish weather – the sky looked grey and there was a very strong wind blowing. It was a very unusual weather in Béziers as they have plenty of sunshine and sunny days more than 300 days throughout a year, they said. But nevertheless, we went to Sète, […]

A fabulous holiday in France(5) – Béziers

The second day in Béziers, it was an interesting and challenging day for me. When I’ve just finished my breakfast, Régine asked me about the menu for lunch as she has got a plan to shop for groceries. And she said, “Eujin, do you like Lapin? Have you tried it before?” “Lapin? What’s that?” At the time, […]

A fabulous holiday in France(4) – Béziers

On 24th of October, my flight heading to Béziers departed at Paris beauvais airport. The Ryanair has flight leaving Paris and arriving Béziers cap d’agde airport which is quite small one so they handles commercial national flights or private. Gilles and Régine were waiting for me at the airport when I arrived in Béziers after a quick one-hour […]

A fabulous holiday in France(3) – Paris

On the last day in Paris, had breakfast with a big massive piece of ‘Paris-Brest Cake’ which is made of choux pastry, pastry cream mixed with a praline whipped buttercream. Philippe gave me the cream cake, saying French people eat sweet pastries mostly for breakfast. I like to have sweet things for breakfast or whenever, but […]

A fabulous holiday in France(2)- Paris

The next place where we’ve decided to go was Montmartre. Benoît showed quite surprising response that I’ve never been there before even I’ve been Paris several times. Well, dare I say the reason, I’ve heard that surrounding area of Montmartre has poor public safety, I wondered if it’s true though. Now I know it seems that […]

A fabulous holiday in France(1) – Paris

I decided to go to France and enjoy the last bits of my time off this year. Took my holiday for a week and was away to Paris and Béziers for the last eight days. I’ve planned to meet up with my friend, Benoît first in Paris and had another plan to visit Béziers to meet […]

Mum’s Holiday in Italy(5)

I’ve got an another plan to meet up with Giorgia in Vicenza. Vicenza is Giorgia’s hometown which is a city  in north-eastern Italy and is not far from east of Milan. So I could arrange the schedule to catch her during a brief visit to Italy with mum. How pleasant I could meet Giorgia again in her hometown, not […]