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7 JAN 2012, ‘One Day Two Nights’ at VIVALDI PARK with catholic members(2)

The following morning dawned warm and bright. When I went out of the room, Young-gyu was boisterous doing make some food for breakfast in the kitchen. Well, he even wanted to roast pork belly in the morning! God in heaven! I kept him from that roasting meat then we negotiated deals by allowing to roast […]

6 JAN 2012, ‘One Day Two Nights’ at VIVALDI PARK with catholic members(1)

About one month ago, youth catholic members of Kwang-buk Catholic Church have got  planned to go to ‘Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival’ that catching Sancheoneo by hand, breaking the ice with thickness and above and looking at Sancheoneo in the deep water. This festival is very famous for an unique experience in Gangwon-do, Korea so we’d like to […]

2 JAN 2012, Ladies Party at The Grand Hilton with VIP

A long-awaited New Year has dawned. Celebrating it’s the year of dragon(the year of our birth in 1988) and having a farewell party for me, we’ve planned something special stuff  on this week. VIP(Sujin, Mihwa, Wonkyeong and me) unite yet once more!:D I booked The Grand Hilton which is located in Hong-eun dong, Seoul and […]

23 DEC 2011. The 5th anniversary of VIP

VIP(Sujin Oh, Mihwa Jung, Wonkyeong Jung, Eujin Jeong) has been five years since our meeting was formed. So we’ve planned some fun stuff to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our meeting ; Taking pictures at a studio Sujin found a ‘Studio RED’ in advance located nearby ‘EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY’, Seoul. When we visit the studio two […]

12 DEC 2011. Celebrating Ga-hui on receiving a wonderful employment opportunity

I’m so proud of you, my dear friend Ga-hui!!! Last Monday, I met Ga-hui to celebrate her golden opportunity that getting a new job in a big company ‘POSCO P&S’. In these a tight job market, many people are getting a hard time to obtain a position in some company, but she was offered jobs […]

8 DEC 2011. Having dinner with a university friend, Da-hee

Last thursday, I met Da-hee who is a university friend of mine in a very long time. Due to I was graduated for the first time among the class of 2007, most of classmates are still attending university. Such being the case it’s very difficult to meet them frequently, so this meeting has meaning a […]

1 DEC 2011. Hang out with the best friend of mine, Da-hye

I met the best friend of mine, Da-hye after a long time. These days, we are both keep ourselves busy with everything, so we couldn’t get together often even though we are very close friend. After work, I went to a ‘D-CUBE CITY’ which is a Complex Cultural Space consist of Hotel, Department store, Musical […]

25 NOV 2011. Won-kyeong’s 24th Birthday Party

🎉 🎉 🎉 Having birthday party for a close friend of mine Won-Kyeong. We have known each other for 7years (actually 10years including middle school duration) since high school student and we have been throwing birthday party for 5 years now with two more friends, Su-jin and Mi-hwa. 27 November is her birthday, so we […]