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The best CHRISTMAS & NYE 12′ ever!!!

This year, the Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day were definitely very different to how I have been greeting those two major holidays throughout a year. Actually, it was not my first Christmas away home as I had been traveled to Strasbourg during the Christmas season about four years ago, but again, it was […]

Hannah & Alastair’s Wedding

24.11.12 When it comes to weddings, if it is the most memorable moment in any couple’s life, it would be an unforgettable day to the wedding guests as well, and I’m no exception. Last Saturday, it was the Hannah & Alastair’s big day which was such a great day for everyone who attended. It was […]

Eating and drinking and being happy

I haven’t been posting about the daily life in Glasgow for ages as I was busy posting about my holidays. Still I’ve got some photos and stories in France though, I’m in the mood to post photos from such an enjoyable life these days. 3 Nov 2012 Coast is one of my favourites cafes in […]

Unforgettable Scottish 24th Birthday Party

This year(2012), I was returning to 24 years old again. According to Korean culture, we count one year old at birth, not a 0-year-old baby. So there is a year gap between Korean age and Western age. Anyway, my Scottish 24th birthday was absolutely amazing and was as good as my Korean one was last […]

Highland Fling Bungee for raising funds for SHARE & Enjoy wee drinking

Last Saturday(14/07/12), One of our staffs Mark and Laura have got a plan to bungee to raise funds for Share Scotland. I was on shift that day, so was accompanied them with Allan and Yvonne. Highland Fling Bungee jumping place was located in Highland Perthshire, Scotland and it took over one and a half hours by […]

Jubilee celebration with many friends from the 6 nations

Last Monday, I was invited to Mark’s flat for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. After Laura.M finished her work, she picked me up and headed to Mark’s house together. When we arrived there, many friends invited and were enjoying the party already. Mark showed his room to me & Laura. He displayed items relating to […]

Meeting up with CSV buddies in Glasgow

Last Saturday(12th May), some of CSV buddies who are working in Scotland came into Glasgow and we met up together. Fortunately, we could make arrangement to meet together on the same day off. We supposed to meet at 12.00 pm and Rosie, Sarah and myself arrived at the meeting place, Hillhead a few minutes early. […]

Hanging out with Rosie

On Tuesday, went into downtown to meet Rosie. I had to work on the morning shift till 4.00pm so we arranged to have a dinner date. Rosie and I work at the same support group SHARE SCOTLAND for people with learning and physical disabilities(although we work in other part of Scotland), so it’s quite hard to […]

Summer Fête at Our Lady of Lourdes

On the noon of the 5th of May, there was a celebration called ‘Fête’ at our Catholic Church. Thankfully, Father. Jary and Eileen invited me to the event and I was able to voluntary work to assist them. Fête is a kind of celebration and usually outdoor shows held on recreation grounds with a variety of activities. Fêtes are […]

Had a grand day out with Michele, Mary and Sheon

Yesterday, I met Sheon who had worked as a CSV volunteer at Share Scotland 7 years ago and she lives in Edinburgh now after she got married to a Scottish man. One of our staffs Michele and Mary are still getting touch with her and Michele planned to introduce her to me from several weeks […]