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Mum’s Holiday in Italy(5)

I’ve got an another plan to meet up with Giorgia in Vicenza. Vicenza is Giorgia’s hometown which is a city  in north-eastern Italy and is not far from east of Milan. So I could arrange the schedule to catch her during a brief visit to Italy with mum. How pleasant I could meet Giorgia again in her hometown, not […]

Mum’s Holiday in the UK & Italy(4)

When my mum came to see me here, she really wanted to go somewhere in Europe. So I had planned to go to Italy and have got a plan to meet up with a friend of mine, Giorgia as well. Even we were on such a tight schedule, my mum was quite happy to visit […]

Mum’s Holiday in the UK(3)

The second day in Glasgow, I’ve got a plan to go to Loch Lomond  where is one of my favourite areas in Scotland. Loch Lomond is quite special place for me because it was my first experience going somewhere in Scotland when I first came here. At that time, Michele took me there and a […]

Mum’s Holiday in the UK(2)

The second day in London, the weather was so beautiful that I could even feel hot on that day which was good. I planned to tour the Central London first around Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Green Park and so on. I’ve already been there three years ago though, would like to take my […]

Mum’s Holiday in the UK(1)

6th of September 2012, the much-awaited day has arrived. My mum had a plan to come to see me from Korea a few months advance. The time slipped by and finally I could see my mum in more than half a year! What a wonderful reunification with mummy! When my mum came out from the […]

29 DEC 2011. On the last day of the trip to Jeju Island

Today is the last day in Jeju Island with mummy. I woke up with a splendid ocean view of the city and that made me feel so refreshed this morning:-) Put the pleasure feelings aside for a moment, we went to a restaurant for having breakfast. That’s what I like the most in staying and […]

28 DEC 2011. On the third day of the trip to Jeju Island

The following morning downed bright. Today, we changed our lodgings to The Shilla Jeju Hotel. Late in the morning, I packed up our things as usual before leaving former accommodation then finding and moving to new place to travel. THE SHILLA JEJU I booked the Shilla Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do in advance. I always stay […]

27 DEC 2011. On the second day of the trip to Jeju Island

It is morning, the second day of traveling Jeju Island. I woke up early in the morning even though I went to bed very late last night. My mum and I had a muffin and coffee for breakfast and went on a tour to see Jeju Island. I rent a car and also called a […]

26 DEC 2011. On the first day of the trip to Jeju Island

I’ve got a plan to go on a trip to Jeju Island with my mummy for four days three nights. I would like to make good memories to my mummy before I go to the UK next month.   Eujin & mummy Packed our bag with huge pleasure in this morning and left home in a […]

16 DEC 2011. Go on a date with mummy<3

Yesterday, I went to Myeong-dong to pick up a rosary ring on ordered in Catholic Hall. This ring is very meaningful gift from my mum before I go to the UK. It has a lot of deeper wishes from her when I apart from my family. Rosa’s rosary ring & A statue of the Virgin […]