When my mum came to see me here, she really wanted to go somewhere in Europe. So I had planned to go to Italy and have got a plan to meet up with a friend of mine, Giorgia as well. Even we were on such a tight schedule, my mum was quite happy to visit […]

The second day in Glasgow, I’ve got a plan to go to Loch Lomond ¬†where is one of my favourite areas in Scotland. Loch Lomond is quite special place for me because it was my first experience going somewhere in Scotland when I first came here. At that time, Michele took me there and a […]

The second day in London, the weather was so beautiful that I could even feel hot on that day which was good. I planned to tour the Central London first around Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Green Park and so on. I’ve already been there three years ago though, would like to take my […]

6th of September 2012, the much-awaited day has arrived. My mum had a plan to come to see me from Korea a few months advance. The time slipped by and finally I could see my mum in more than half a year! What a wonderful reunification with mummy! When my mum came out from the […]

This year(2012), I was returning to 24 years old again. According to Korean culture, we count one year old at birth, not a 0-year-old baby. So there is a year gap between Korean age and Western age. Anyway, my Scottish 24th birthday was absolutely amazing and was as good as my Korean one was last […]

We all reached the cottage in Donegal after over a two-hour drive-through. I couldn’t have expected such a wonderful view over the sea with large and small irelands in County Donegal, it was awesome! It rained on and off all day long, and because of that I could see a perfect rainbow a couple of […]

On 17th of August. I took a mini break for three days in Northern Ireland with my closest friend, Rosie. Rosie and I’ve had a plan to visit Rosie gran’s house in Ballinamallard and had another plan to stay at her family’s cottage in County Donegal in Ireland. Last Friday, after finishing the work, we […]

Last Saturday(14/07/12), One of our staffs Mark and Laura have got a plan to bungee to raise funds for Share Scotland. I was on shift that day, so was accompanied them with Allan and Yvonne. Highland Fling Bungee jumping place was located¬†in Highland Perthshire, Scotland and it took over one and a half hours by […]

Last Friday, Yvonne and Pearl had a plan to attend the Tribute Nights events at Fairfield Working Men’s Club located in Govan. Before I went there, I had no idea about Tribute nights. It’s kind of cabaret show and the singers act like some of the best known as the leader singers of the 60’s […]

It was the last day of my holiday in Prague. Nahyun got back to Prague from Dresden, Germany earlier than I thought. So we could meet up at the Vaclavske Namesti before lunch. Went to the T.G.I.Friday’s restaurant with Nahyun and Youngmo(Nahyun’s brother) for our lunch. Youngmo and I couldn’t meet up and talk much […]